Author Appearances

updated: 2011-09-28

September 2011

18th Saturday - Sunday One on One, taped interview with Peter Mansbridge (date/time un-determined)
19th Monday CBC-TV broadcast of docu-drama, John A, Birth of as Country. DVDs available from CBC
20th Tuesday Westin Prize Short-list announcement
22nd Thursday Sunday Edition interview, Michael Enright)  2 p.m. (aired: Sun. 25)
24th Saturday Kingston Writers' Festival, Kingston, ON - 7pm- Great Scots (Ken McGoogan, host)
25 th Sunday Broadcast interview with Michael Enright, Sunday Edition, CBC Radio 1  
25 th Sunday Breakfast with  Jan Walter;  Word on The Street, Random House Tent - 4pm
27th Tuesday Official Publication Day
28th Wednesday Massey College Book Launch (invitation event)

October 2011

3rd Monday Winnipeg: Canada’s History lecture series – U of Winnipeg – dinner & evening talk
4th Tuesday Manitoba Media; travel to Calgary
5th Wednesday Calgary - Media and U of Calgary Bookstore event – evening talk
6th Thursday Manning Institute engagement, 10.30-11 a.m. (Calgary-Toronto return)
12th Wednesday Allan Gregg, TVO, interview (morning)
13th Thursday Classical 96 (Mike Duncan), early a.m. interview; Gotlieb Conference. Munk Centre, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. , dinner (Hart House) 6.30-9.30
18th Tuesday Burlington - Different Drummer breakfast series.
20th Wednesday Travel to Ottawa
21st Friday Ottawa media interviews
23rd Sunday Ottawa Writers’ Festival, brunch, Ottawa
24th Monday Weston Award, dinner.
25th Tuesday Weston Award, ceremony
26th Wednesday Grano Restaurant, Toronto (invitation)
28th Friday International Festival of Authors, Toronto, Gathering of Charles Taylor Prize of Literary Non-Fiction winners.
30th Sunday Brighton, ON, Lighthouse Books - brunch.

November 2011

9th Wednesday Picton Book Club, (invitation), lunch, Prince Edward County, ON
11th Friday Kingston Book Club, Brian Osborne (invitation), Kingston
15th Tuesday Ottawa Launch
16th Wednesday Albany Club (TO), lunch (invitation)
18th Friday Rotary (invitation)
21st Monday Arts and Letters Club (TO), dinner (invitation)

January 2012

13th Friday Macdonald Club, dinner (invitation), Vancouver
14th Saturday Manitoba Historical Society, dinner (invitation) , Winnipeg

February 2012

22nd Wednesday National Club (invitation), Toronto